The town of Alna (2010 population 709) was incorporated in 1794 and was originally named New Milford. In 1811 townsfolk voted to change the name from New Milford, which sounded too industrial, to Alna, from the Latin "Alnus" after the Alder trees that are plentiful here.  Alna has a rich history and prospered in timber and agriculture. In a bucolic and pastoral setting, this area of the Sheepscot River Valley was referred to as "The Garden of the East" due to its fertile soil.  Burned over several times by the Native Americans and nearly deserted for some years, it eventually became a well settled area where farming, shipbuilding, and mills thrived.


1574 Alna Rd, Alna, ME, 04535           
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​​​Emergencies                                         9-1-1

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Recycling                                              Phone: (207) 882-5276

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Registry of Deeds                                   Phone: (207) 882-7431

Registry of Probate                                 Phone: (207) 882-7392

Two Bridges Regional Jail                       Phone: (207) 882-4268

County Commissioners                           Phone: (207) 882-6311

                                                           Fax: (207) 882-4320

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