Town of Wiscasset

51 Bath Road

Wiscasset, ME 04578

Town Office:


Fax 882-8228


Wiscasset is a thriving and diverse community with unique assets and an amazing infrastructure for a town our size. Visitors can shop for anything from antiques to organic food, dine on the waterfront, visit nationally significant historical places, stay in first class accommodations and choose from myriad recreation and other activities during their stay.  Wiscasset truly is an incredible place to live, work and play. Come see for yourself!

Living and working in Wiscasset embodies all of what life along the Maine coast should be, and so much more! Wiscasset boasts one of the State’s most vibrant working waterfronts, buzzing with the summertime activities of lobster fishing, sport fishing, and clam and worm digging (National Geographic proclaimed Wiscasset the “Worm capital of the World.”) It’s a place where life slows to the ebb and flow of the tides of the Sheepscot and Back rivers. It’s a place for waterfront dining, lazily kayaking the river, or for quietly hiking the trails through one of the State’s most prized scenic recreational areas. Both the community and the surrounding area are rich in heritage and cultural diversity, home to thriving arts and artisan communities. Nearby are theaters, white sand beaches, world renowned shopping centers, major concert venues, and sports arenas. Wiscasset offers something for everyone.

Doing business in Wiscasset doesn’t mean doing without. Wiscasset offers municipal water and sewer with ample capacity, three-phase power throughout much of the town, advanced telecommunications capacity with SONNET redundancy, DSL, Cable, and wireless Internet capacity. In addition, rail, deep water ports, and a general aviation airport are located in town, providing a ready access to local, national, or global markets.

Contact the County

​​​Emergencies                                         9-1-1

Sheriff's Office (non-emergency)              Phone: (207) 882-7332

Clerk of Courts                                      Phone: (207)882-6363

District Attorney                                     Phone: (207) 882-7312

Emergency Management                        Phone: (207) 882-7559

Recycling                                              Phone: (207) 882-5276

Regional Planning                                  Phone: (207) 882-4271

Registry of Deeds                                   Phone: (207) 882-7431

Registry of Probate                                 Phone: (207) 882-7392

Two Bridges Regional Jail                       Phone: (207) 882-4268

County Commissioners                           Phone: (207) 882-6311

                                                           Fax: (207) 882-4320

Email Directory

​​Lincoln County Courthouse

32 High Street

P.O. Box 249

Wiscasset, Maine  04578

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm


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