Lincoln County Recycling

Yard Waste   


Food Scrap   

Compost for Sale

$25 per yard  


$3 per bag   

Lincoln County Recycling Plant
Tim Richardson Sr., Supervisor

54 Huntoon Hill Road

Wiscasset, Maine  04578

Phone: 207-882-5276


Monday through Friday
8:00AM till 4:00PM

Maine state law provides for and encourages Counties to partner with their municipalities whenever, by doing so, better and more cost efficient services can be provided to the citizens.  Started in 1987, Lincoln County Recycling has taken the lead in providing this kind of regional/local government partnership(s) with its Recycling Department.

In addition to its Recycling Program, the Department has expanded its operation with an active composting program (yard waste and food scraps) located at its facility at 54 Huntoon Hill Road in Wiscasset.

Annually, Lincoln County Recycling saves the Towns it services over $1million in tipping and transportation fees of materials that would otherwise get processed through a "Single Stream" contract.

Contact the County

​​​Emergencies                                         9-1-1

Sheriff's Office (non-emergency)              Phone: (207) 882-7332

Clerk of Courts                                      Phone: (207)882-6363

District Attorney                                     Phone: (207) 882-7312

Emergency Management                        Phone: (207) 882-7559

Recycling                                              Phone: (207) 882-5276

Regional Planning                                  Phone: (207) 882-4271

Registry of Deeds                                   Phone: (207) 882-7431

Registry of Probate                                 Phone: (207) 882-7392

Two Bridges Regional Jail                       Phone: (207) 882-4268

County Commissioners                           Phone: (207) 882-6311

                                                           Fax: (207) 882-4320

Email Directory

​​Lincoln County Courthouse

32 High Street

P.O. Box 249

Wiscasset, Maine  04578

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm


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